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Our engineering and research departments close by, Marine’s Service solution department is able to answer the most complex questions and issues in the shortest possible timeframe. Besides delivery, engineering, and installation, One Solution offers full maintenance support to shipowners worldwide. Do you want to know more? You can read more about our service options below.

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Technical Consultancy

We act as consultants for Marine navigation and communication systems to shipowner, shipyards and companies. We combine technical knowledge with an understanding of the marine industry and its practices in providing assistance and advice to our clients.

System Design

Like the vessel itself, every great electronic or electrical system begins with a plan. One Solution is a pioneer in the development of system drawings that provide detailed wiring information in a format easy to read by installers, owners, shipbuilders even service technicians. All you need is to get in touch with our System Design team when you need any helps.

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Sales & Supply

• All Navigation & Communication Products sales
• GMDSS equipment & Safety Products sales
• All Navigation & Communication Equipment spares supplying
• Recondition, second-hand equipment supplying
• VDR-SVDR batteries, Acoustic Beacons, Magnetrons,
VHF batteries supplying
• Satellite communications equipment sales & Airtime service
• Calling and Alarm System sales
• Analogue/Digital Repeaters, Base Radios,
Portable DMR Radios, PoC sales
• Intrinsically Safe type Professional Radios sales
• CITADEL Communication equipment sales
• Marine approved UPS supplying

Maintenance & Repair

For those owners looking to modify, enhance or repair their vessels, One Solution has all the experiences needed to carry out everything from a part replacement to a comprehensive overhaul to extend its lifespan. One Solution has dedicated offices in Busan, South Korea. We are able to cover the all the ports in South Korea and will expand our service territory to accommodate the entire Asian ports through the alliance network comprised of trusted service partners in the world very soon.

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Performance test & Surveys

According to international regulations, the navigation and radio equipment on board of each vessel has to be tested and approved on a regular basis. Navigational Equipment, Radio Equipment, AIS, VDR Service technicians from One Solution bring in detailed know-how and long experience with navigation and radio equipment to manage this job. The notified body will still issue the certification about a qualified survey and the proper condition of the systems onboard. Shipowners benefit as they can still rely on one competent point of contact, no matter what kind of service is needed. For more information, and to order an annual performance test, please get in contact with our service coordination.

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Modification & Refits

For those owners looking to modify, enhance or repair their vessels, One Solution has all the experience needed to carry out everything from a part refit to a comprehensive overhaul to extend its lifetime. One Solution has dedicated offices in Barcelona, Fort Lauderdale and the south of France. We will open another service point in the Mediterranean very soon. We can also draw on our partnership network which represents around 90 service stations across the globe.

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