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One Solution

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Our company "One Solution Co., Ltd." was established in Sep, 2019 by a group of marine specialists consist of knowledgeable technical sales managers, well-trained marine technicians, qualified system designers, superior service coordinators, those who served at renowned global makers of marine electronics for more than 10 to 20 years. During the periods, we have accumulated in-depth know-how related to marine electronics in the basis of broad knowledge about operational principle of each equipment and rich experiences by handing many actual shipbuilding projects with various design concepts. We aim to become a reliable total service provider of marine electronics as a true system integrator, and we get ready to effectively accommodate diverse customers' needs for timely service with reasonable pricing whenever they are in need of our proactive support. If you are a ship-owner or a ship management company, you have found a right partner who is capable to take care of your fleet’s navigational, communication and satellite equipment thoroughly. No more suffering from such complicated marine electronics! Let’s get together with your one-stop solution provider “One Solution Co., Ltd.”

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Our Mission

To provide the highest quality

Marine Electronics services world.

Our Vision

To Become the most competitive and professional

Marine Electronic Compony worldwide.

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is essential factor which can make customers satisfied with our services. All our employees keep studying the markets trends and exploring customers' needs.

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is endless requirement on ethical management of our business. In addition, the integrity is also our mission to maintain the quality of our services.

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is an unavoidable factor that makes all of us mutually beneficial among partners, customers. We try to be more open-minded for the steady growth of our company together with our partners in this competitive market.

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Customer is always top priority more than any other factors. So we always try to focus on their voice and ideas when deciding the ways of our business.


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