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System Component: The Signal Processor supplied as part of a complete Marine Data Transmitting Heading Device (THD) System.

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    The MD97CSP sensor processor is an electronic processing unit mounted in a waterproof enclosure with a socket connection for the sensor and internal screw terminals for connection of the cable to the MD71THD Control & Display Unit in a Transmitting Heading Device (THD) System. The MD97CSP has no standalone functionality.

    The MD97CSP sensor processor unit accepts the signals provided by either the MD52A/B (TMC) Sensor or the MD53A/B (EMC) Sensor and performs the calculations necessary for the basic calibration of the fluxgate sensor and provide a measurement of Magnetic Heading.

    Transmitting Heading Device (THD) Systems are becoming increasingly popular as a backup or an alternative to a gyro compass. Marine Data offers a Transmitting Magnetic Compass (TMC) or an Electromagnetic Compass (EMC) solution. The TMC echoes the ship’s magnetic compass in its binnacle; the EMC directly detects the Earth’s magnetic field as a fully independent electromagnetic compass.


    • The Signal Processor in a Marine Data Transmitting Heading Device (THD) System (EMC & TMC)
    • Performs the calculations necessary for the basic calibration of the connected magnetic sensor
    • Proprietary algorithms are used to calibrate the MD52A/B with the ship’s Magnetic Compass and provide deviation correction for the MD53A/B.
    • Adds Magnetic Variation to the Magnetic Heading to calculate True Heading
    • Deviation and Variation parameters are stored in non-volatile memory
    • Data and control signals are transmitted between the MD97CSP and the MD71THD through a dedicated, industry-standard CAN Bus using proprietary protocols
    • Rugged Marinised Construction


    • Connects with the MD71THD Control and Display Unit (required) In a Marine Data Transmitting Heading Device (THD) System


    • MD71THD – Control and Display Unit – Required
    • MD52A/B – Ship’s Magnetic Compass Sensor*
    • MD53A/B – Earth’s Field Sensing Electro-Magnetic Compass*
    • The complete range of Marine Data Heading Repeaters
    • MD94DDU – Data Distribution Unit for additional Repeaters

    * One of either of these items is required

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