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Echo Sounder

  • Memory and read-out up to 48 hours of depth data
  • Use a highly visibility color touch panel LCD
  • Achieves extremely accurate and reliable sounding performance
  • Conforming to the IMO Resolution MSC.74(69) Annex 4
  • Description

    JRC’s new echo sounder is equipped with another ship’s interference prevention function. It is possible to prevent misidentification of interference waves from other ships. This is especially effective when many small vessels are sailing closeby. The all-in-one model JFE-700 features a build in printer, providing the ship’s log with valuable printouts if required. JRC’s new echo sounders incorporates a 6.5-inch high visibility color touch panel LCD. The display modes allow you to select and view echoes in 8 colors or 8 levels of monochrome. The compact connection box can be installed out of sight. An optional dual frequency configuration, 50 kHz or 200 kHz, allows you to operate both frequencies independently or simultaneously, or allows you to have a separate bow-stern depth read-out.

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