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AlphaPilot MFM

AlphaPilot MFM

Autopilot DeepSea + ROT

  • Adaptive control technology
  • 5-inch color LCD touch display
  • Flexible system configuration
  • Simple and intuitive operation
  • Description

    Our new adaptive autopilot which features a 5-inch touch display with the hardware and software based on our uniform product philosophy, creating a consistent bridge and operational approach. The advanced track steering technology contributes to safe and efficient operation, defined by its simplicity in usage. The idea behind our new AlphaPilot was to design a modular system with standard components that also makes it easy to service. Due to our experience and feedback of our customers and engineers, our main goal was to design an autopilot that is easy to install, commission and to maintain. The new AlphaPilot had to be deployable as a small system as heading control system up to an advanced and complex autopilot system with multiple positions and to control main steering.

    The AlphaPilot is a modular, type approved heading control system designed to fit vessels of any size, including high speed crafts. This modern and technologically advanced control unit is intended to reduce the operator’s workload, increase the vessel motion efficiency and improve operational safety. The AlphaPilot is easy to install and has a fully self-adjusting ‘auto-tune’ algorithm which automatically estimates ships’ dynamics and allows it to easily adapt control settings, rudder gain and counter rudder as required to continually provide the best possible steering performance.

    The tillers are required for steering and switches for selecting steering modes. As an additional safety feature, the tiller in command will lit. All tillers and switches have dimmer and mute buttons. The modules have an aluminum base fitted with a dedicated PCB and a splash-proof film coating on the front. The modules are connected via CAN bus for communicating with the main control unit.

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